Dear Parents

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If there’s one thing that bonds us together as parents, it’s the love we have for our children. Yet, when your child is “different,” it’s sometimes hard to know what to say to help others understand what you and your loved one are going through.

For those caring for a school-aged child with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS), some have said that writing a letter to other parents has helped. In doing so, they’ve let others know about their child’s condition and how to support their efforts in making his or her life as “normal” as possible.

If you’re thinking about writing a letter of your own, make it as personal as you can. As other LGS caregivers have found, being open and honest is the best way to help other parents and your loved one’s classmates see your child in the same way you do.

Online Post or Blog

If writing a letter isn’t your style, try writing a blog or a Facebook post. No matter how you express your support and feelings about LGS in an open way to other LGS caregivers, it will surely be appreciated.

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