Sweet Surprises

Moments to Treasure

A kind word. A new skill. A smile. When you’re caring for a loved one with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS), something little can carry extra special meaning and even strength when you need it the most. 

Small Moments That Matter

Share in the joy these sweet surprises have given other caregivers like you.

“When Micaela hit a stage in her life where she was dressing herself, the moment she tied her own shoe my heart sang. I knew she was teachable and that we would go places with that.”

– Jane, mother of adult daughter Micaela

“As it turns out, Theo has had an impact on his classmates. They’ve included him in their classroom projects and presentations and learned to accept his interesting noises as just a part of who he is. Theo isn’t ‘different’; he’s just Theo. See a letter below that I kept from one of Theo’s friends at school.”

– Jennifer, mother of teenage son Theo 

Dear Theo,

I’m so happy that you come to our class. I really like working with you and your helper. I know you need assistance, but you do a great job.

I’m so proud that you did the jog-a-thon. In first grade, I had a broken foot and only ran one lap! You did even more! I’m happy to be your friend.


*Name changed to protect confidentiality.

“Having a child with LGS has changed our perspective of how we view life. We don’t look for milestones anymore. We celebrate each ‘inchstone.’”

– Kelly, mother of young daughter Isabela

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