Micaela’s White Tiger

"I hired an artist to custom paint her helmet to look like a white tiger. And the story that I gave her with it is that she now has a guardian white tiger, and anybody that's staring at her will be looking at how beautiful that tiger is."

– Jane, mother of adult daughter Micaela

Taking Away the Stigma

When Micaela, who has Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS), had a faceguard added to her helmet for safety reasons, she found that children were often staring at her when she was out in public. When she told her mom, Jane, that this was bothering her, Jane decided to do something about it. She hired an artist to custom paint a white tiger on Micaela's helmet to protect her and make her feel strong. She now suggests this to all parents whose children wear a helmet to keep them safe in the event of a seizure. "I see Micaela's pride to wear it," Jane says, "and I highly recommend that to any parent that wants to take the stigma away from having to wear the helmet."

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