Advocacy and LGS

"The LGS conference has been an awesome experience for me personally...You have more hope and more energy."

––Kelly, mother of Isabela

Attending the LGS Foundation's Family & Professional Conference 

Every 18 months, the LGS Foundation (LGSF) holds a 3-day family and professional conference for LGS families and professionals. The conference brings more than 350 LGS family members and epilepsy professionals from around the world together in one place. The goal is to help people better understand the causes, treatments, and future directions of LGS. 

Many caregivers find this to be an extremely important experience in their LGS journey. "Going to the conference opened up a whole new world for me," says Rachel, whose son, Andrew, has LGS. Watch the video below to hear more about Rachel's experience at the LGSF conference.


With a special commitment to the epilepsy community and an understanding of how worthwhile attending the conference can be, Lundbeck provides a scholarship to families and caregivers of those with LGS in need of financial assistance. The LGSF will select the scholarship recipients from the pool of applicants. Based on individual needs, the Lundbeck scholarship may cover costs for travel, hotel, and/or conference registration fees. Keep a lookout on the conference website for information about the Lundbeck scholarship and how to apply.

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