Educating Others Tool Kit

"You feel like you're always educating somebody about LGS so they can understand and better support your loved one, but I’ve found that it’s always worth the effort."

– Kelly, mother of young daughter Isabela

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LGS Education Made Easy

Parents of children and adults living with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS) often talk about the social stigmas and challenges they face when others don’t have knowledge about LGS. Caregivers have said that when they take the time to educate others, the biggest payoff they see is that others become more supportive once they understand what their family is dealing with when caring for a loved one with LGS.

Use the tool kit below to help you provide LGS education and understanding to others—your child's school, new daycare center, or neighborhood association. All materials can be personalized to reflect your child’s journey with LGS. 

Make Your Voice Heard

The materials in this tool kit convey invaluable lessons on accepting differences, embracing diversity, and being compassionate. Such character-building education is so important, especially for those with little or no awareness of LGS or what’s entailed in caring for a special needs child. 

Through this type of outreach, you can join other caregivers who say they felt enriched by the positive outcomes that resulted from educating their communities. 

Educating Others Tool Kit

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