Social Media's Power to Raise Awareness

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Building Online Communities

Social media can be a powerful way to raise awareness of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS). Sites, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter enable millions of people from around the world to connect and share. As an advocate for your loved one with LGS, you can use social media to spread the word and inspire others. Here’s a brief social media tutorial to help get you started. 


Consider websites and apps, such as Facebook and Instagram, which provide the opportunity to post and share your story. When posting, be sure to encourage others to continue to spread the word by "liking" and "sharing" your post.


YouTube videos not only provide opportunities to educate, they also help you connect on a more personal level with others. Having a face and a voice to relate to helps make your story even more inspiring.


Whether using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or email, you can share your personal story and provide clickable links to more information about LGS. Get started by joining the LGS Together Facebook page.


Show your support for organizations like the LGS Foundation and the Epilepsy Foundation or online communities, such as LGS Together, by clicking "follow." Build your social network by connecting with groups or community pages and encourage "followers" by sending friend requests.


A "tweet" is a real-time expression or thought containing brief text, photos, or videos. You can "reply" or comment on a tweet to join the conversation, "favorite" a tweet to let the author know you like it, or "retweet" to share with your followers.


Hashtags have literally #changedthegame on social media. Hashtags assign a topic to a tweet. In the same way someone can Google "Lennox-Gastaut syndrome," they can also search #lennoxgastaut through Twitter to access the latest posts.


Sites like Blogger and WordPress offer easy-to-use platforms that allow you to blog for free. By blogging, you're essentially writing and sharing a personal online dairy. Use it to educate and inspire others about life with LGS.

Support the Cause

By simply updating or changing your status, you can, in essence, support LGS awareness. For example, add a logo or image to your profile in support of Epilepsy Awareness Month, or add information about an event you may be attending in support of LGS.

Strength in Numbers

With more than a billion people logging onto Facebook each day alone, and more than 6,000 "tweets" going out on the web each second, consider the impact you can have on raising awareness of LGS.

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