5 Signs You Have a Great Healthcare Team

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A healthcare team involves anyone who is a part of your loved one’s healthcare experience. Your team may include a pediatric or adult neurologist; epileptologist; pediatrician or family practice doctor; speech, occupational, and physical therapists; special education teachers; aides; and possibly others. Planned, coordinated care becomes easier and more productive when day-to-day efforts are approached as a team.

Caregivers have shared the following staples of a great healthcare team:

  1. Trust.The best strategies and outcomes result when caregivers and their loved one’s healthcare providers form trusting, caring partnerships
  2. Collaboration. You and your loved one’s care team work together and rely on each other’s expertise. You share information, and you have a mutual understanding and commitment to meeting specific goals for your loved one
  3. Communication. Your team relies on one another to monitor goals, provide feedback, and make adjustments as needed. Communication is clear, frequent, and timely
  4. Respect. Assessments and recommendations are based on a full understanding of your loved one’s needs, strengths, history, and preferences. As a team, you establish a plan that is created with you, rather than for you
  5. Support. Beyond your loved one’s needs, a great healthcare team seeks ways to make things easier for you. Whether it’s being available via email for questions or asking how you’re doing, it’s the little things your healthcare team does that go a long way to help support you and your family

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